"Thank you for your patience compassion, gentle spirit, flexibility, kindness, generosity... I could go on and on." 

"Your talk was very thought-provoking and insightful.  I was surprised to see that tragic events of my life were not prominent at all."

"Your article gave me some helpful ways to start my letter.  You are, indeed, making connections with folks...sharing thoughts that are valuable."

"Something special happened in this group!  Women coming together at the right time with the same longing to find our voice and use it for healing ourselves and each other."

"I initially came to the group wanting to enhance my therapeutic work with clients but was given a level of introspection that I never expected. In a mere 6 weeks, I gained so much insight and personal growth."

"I felt at ease expressing myself and really enjoyed how easily engaged we all were.  The material was all new to me and incredibly interesting." 

"Susan, you have the gift of offering safety, kindness, wisdom and resources.  Your passion and belief in the process, and in all of us, is transformational."

"This has been the  best group I have been in since my husband passed away.  It is not about grief - it is about wonderful sharing of ideas!!!" 

"I love the relaxing approach - such an inviting atmosphere - and the manner in which you facilitate."  

“I conquered some fears by understanding their source.”

"Susan, helping others feel valued seems to come naturally to you - your absence of intimidation and judgement."  

“This class has lifted my spirits and helped me understand my depression.”

“Your handouts and assignments are very helpful. I refer to them throughout the week and use them before sleep as effective dream prompts.”

“The people were everything I wish for in a group. The facilitation was excellent.”

“For me, light bulbs continuously flash on. I leave group with wonderment, ideas and yearning to learn more.”

“It really helped me get restarted on my writing. I learned that I would benefit from more prompts and everyday ways of accessing my dream life and unconscious in my writing.”

“Susan was awesome. No matter how weird you thought your explanations or feelings were, she always pulled something positive from it.”

“Even tasks that began by making me feel discomfort seemed to open doors and break through barriers.”

“Everything felt new – even some things I’d heard/learned/knew before had a different slant.”

“You are terrific! So insightful and easy to share with during our time together. You are perfect for this type of work. You make me feel safe and validated for the work I do through the journaling.”

“You are amazing and an inspiration!! I am intrigued by how you have joined your personal and professional growth and development into a lifestyle that continues to challenge and motivate you to seek and master new ground.”

“This group is helping me cope with my life challenges right now in a way nothing else has. It is the highlight of my week.”

“I really liked learning new techniques I know I’ll use in the future.”

“Susan explains things in depth, completely and clearly.”

“These sessions helped guide me in ways I would never have known otherwise. Your commitment to helping others is obvious and admirable.”

“Superb instruction. Honest, helpful and never judgmental.”

“I love the variety of journal approaches, the sense of community and sharing!”

“You provide a safe container and some structure without feeling managed or judged. You are a good listener and creative in your ways of framing/reframing.”

“Susan is the absolute best. She has pushed me farther on my journey than any other. I know more now of what has held me back.”

“With Susan as our teacher, I can only say we will all improve in time.”