Your Journal as Friend and Helper


1703 Richland Street Columbia, SC 29201


September 13, 2018

September 13 through October 18, 2018
(Limited to 7 Participants in Each Group)

Afternoons 3 to 5 or Evenings 6 to 8 each Thursday
$225 Credit Online or Check-Cash first session

1703 Richland Street – Columbia, SC
Wholistic Therapy & Coaching Center of the Midlands

What Participants Say about Susan’s Groups …..

“The people were everything I wish for in a group and the facilitation was excellent.”

“Susan provides a safe container and some structure without feeling managed or judged.  She is a good listener and creative in her ways of framing/reframing.”

“So insightful and easy to share with during our time together. I felt safe and validated.”

“Susan’s sense of timing is impeccable. I feel that I am in incredibly capable hands when I am in her presence.  She is masterful.”

Although these groups are not therapy groups, psychological healing may result.

Susan Hendricks, LISW-CP, Certified Journal Therapist
Email – [email protected]

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