November Writing Groups


1703 Richland Street, Columbia, SC 29201


November 1, 2018

New 4-week personal writing groups planned especially for this season will meet each Thursday in November (skipping Thanksgiving) from 3 to 5 in the afternoon OR from 6 to 8 in the evening.  Tuition is $175.  To register, email [email protected] with “November Writing” in the subject line.  Credit Cards are accepted online.

These groups are often fun – and can be  profound!  Hear what participants say about Susan’s groups –

“I learned that whether sophisticated or simple, writing our feelings, memories and experiences in our journals is rewarding and cathartic.”

“I could not know that first day now much illumination I would soon need, or how abundantly I would receive, thanks to your lovely, guiding spirit.”

“I most liked being challenged to do something I had never done, stretching my boundaries and opening up my memories and feelings in my writing.  Safe – yes, it felt totally safe to share and respond.”


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