Consider the Cardinal

Cardinal Phil

Consider the Cardinal

…no longer at ease here, in the old dispensation…

— T.S. Eliot, “Journey of the Magi”

                                              Some say

if you see him flying toward sun,
good luck will come to you.  But
cardinals, alert to winter warmth,

to passion, stay close to the ground
foraging in shrubs, in grass, or at feeders.

Nest builders.  Mated pairs offer news
through song: And so might we —

whistle through the moss tapestry
hold ourselves as though faith

required that we ask with what twigs
do we build our nest? What seed feed

our brood? Or do we look to the night sky,
uneasy in our old routine, our shelter &

cast our lot in doubt’s hard and watchful place?

—  Poem by poet Libby Bernardin and used with her permission.

Photograph by Phil Wilkinson, Georgetown, South Carolina and used with his permission.


* Winter often intensifies the Cardinal’s contrast to the colorless cold.
* Go outside.  Look and listen.   Feel the wind against your skin.
* Sit a moment and read this poem again.  Read it out loud at least once.
* Take your ideas about Faith and Doubt to your journal
* And Write

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