Journal to journey: poetry, dreams, expressive writing

By Susan Hendricks | September 16, 2016

Two acclaimed South Carolina poets and writers will lead a day-long workshop Saturday, October 1st near downtown Columbia.  Former Columbians Libby Bernardin and her teaching partner and friend Susan Finch Stevens will conduct Journal to Journey, diving into poetry, dreams and expressive writing with a small group of participants on the banks of the Broad…

A pen and ink prescription for healing

By Susan Hendricks | August 19, 2016

Do your thoughts sometimes swirl endlessly, repeating over and over, never going anywhere but staying stuck on the same old issues.  We used to say this is “like a broken record.”  That old metaphor is out of date, but spinning repeatedly over well-worn tracks describes this phenomenon perfectly. If your journal writing is like a…

A travel journal for your inner child

By Susan Hendricks | July 15, 2016

Our busy lives leave so little time for meandering and exploring. Ask yourself if other priorities have kept you from inviting your “inner child” to come out and play.  If you’ve forgotten to befriend yourself with some interesting time alone, here’s a remedy. Author Julia Cameron invented The Artists Date, an idea for a fun…

Big benefits come from unsent letters

By Susan Hendricks | June 17, 2016

Right now I’m struggling to compose a letter to someone dear to me. Although I expect to mail something eventually, I know my first drafts are just practice and exploration. I will discard them after I find the right words. Each of my drafts is an “Unsent Letter” to help me compose my thoughts. In…

Mindfulness for your writing practice

By Susan Hendricks | May 20, 2016

Meditation is a hot topic today. Its popularity among health care professionals has spread to all levels of business, education, even the military. Some recommend meditation for everyone, from toddlers to the elderly. But you don’t necessarily have to sit crossed-legged, eyes closed, only half-smiling. Mindful Writing can change your composure as well as your…

Jumpstart your creativity

By Susan Hendricks | April 15, 2016

“Realize everything is connected to everything else.”    – Leonardo da Vinci Of all the journaling techniques I’ve tried, my favorite may be the most effective, as well as the fastest jumpstart for generating new ideas – the cluster. Creative writers, business group leaders, teachers, and psychotherapists, among others, use clustering as a powerful way…

A Gratitude journal is a powerful tool for good mental and physical health

By Susan Hendricks | March 18, 2016

Gratitude is a hot topic. Not just at Thanksgiving and on birthdays. Check bookstores. Read articles in magazines and newspapers. Google the word “Gratitude” and find over 80 million links. The popularity of the Gratitude Journal has continued for decades. Writing the seemingly little things in a notebook—jotting a list of memories or writing a…

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