Good News during the Pandemic

By Susan Hendricks | November 16, 2020

It is not an understatement to say, “These are unusual times!” Much of our normal life has been upended, but that’s not to say it’s all bad. With so much changed or even closed for now or temporarily, this may be one of our best times to learn new ways to develop a range of…

We all need comfort, connection and understanding

By Susan Hendricks | October 16, 2020

Soon after I completed my social work master’s degree at the University of SC, I began an internship in one of South Carolina’s maximum-security prisons in Columbia.  I was so touched by the resilience of the imprisoned women who took part in my groups that my two-year plan extended to eight years before I moved…

Healing words for uncertain times

By Susan Hendricks | September 26, 2020

After more than six months sequestered at home due to this ongoing pandemic, I might have organized my closets, our yard, and my stacks of books.  But on the contrary, I have been staying in and away from crowds almost every day, barely accomplishing anything beyond necessary chores. Recently however, I have become motivated and…

Poetry can meet our needs

By Susan Hendricks | September 26, 2020

Here we are in the sixth month of a world-wide Pandemic.  It’s anyone’s guess when we will return to normal despite hopeful predictions.  In the meantime, poetry, one source of “medicine for the soul,” may be soothing as it offers you a chuckle or a calming release. This year and all next year, The Poetry…

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate”- Alan D. Wolfelt

By Susan Hendricks | September 26, 2020

Creating and sharing special food may be one of our oldest traditions.  Special tastes, smells and textures help calm, ground and center many of us, especially during stressful times. Soon after going into quarantine in March, I emailed book club friends and asked if any would like to share some favorite recipes.  It didn’t take…

Letter-writing during challenging times

By Susan Hendricks | June 13, 2020

My mailbox doesn’t have the mystery it did years ago.  Bills and generic advertising fill it instead of newsy notes and interesting exchanges.  But letter-writing enthusiast continue to write, and recipients still get excited when they receive letters addressed especially to them.    A letter expresses more than just words. You can’t hide from a…

Our dreams during this pandemic

By Susan Hendricks | May 13, 2020

A group of friends in Columbia were out walking recently, at least six feet apart, when one shared his dream from the previous night.  “Normally I do not remember my dreams upon waking, but twice recently I have dreamed that I tested positive for the virus.  They told me there was nothing they could do…

The healing power of poetry

By Susan Hendricks | April 11, 2020

This year – 2020 – will be remembered in many ways by the pandemic affecting untold millions around the world as it continues to expand.  This pandemic has taken over every aspect of our lives requiring seclusion, if not total isolation, as we seek to remain healthy and safe.   Poetry can be a healing balm…

Remembering two remarkable men

By Susan Hendricks | March 14, 2020

Columbia and the University of South Carolina lost two important members of their religious community who died recently within two weeks of each other – Dr. James Cutsinger, 66-year-old religious studies professor and scholar on February 19, 2020, and Father Marcin Zuhuta, 42-year-old Catholic pastor of St. Thomas More Parish, the Catholic student chapel on…

A doctor’s prescription for personal writing

By Susan Hendricks | March 1, 2020

Recently I have been rereading Columbia native Dr. Charles S. Bryan’s book “For Goodness Sake: The Seven Basic Virtues” published in 2006 as his “Valentine” to the members of Trinity Episcopal Church.  Bryan also gave a copy to my husband soon after it was published.  The book’s very brief chapters, language, and easy explanations belie…

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