The healing power of poetry

By Susan Hendricks | April 11, 2020

This year – 2020 – will be remembered in many ways by the pandemic affecting untold millions around the world as it continues to expand.  This pandemic has taken over every aspect of our lives requiring seclusion, if not total isolation, as we seek to remain healthy and safe.   Poetry can be a healing balm…

Remembering two remarkable men

By Susan Hendricks | March 14, 2020

Columbia and the University of South Carolina lost two important members of their religious community who died recently within two weeks of each other – Dr. James Cutsinger, 66-year-old religious studies professor and scholar on February 19, 2020, and Father Marcin Zuhuta, 42-year-old Catholic pastor of St. Thomas More Parish, the Catholic student chapel on…

A doctor’s prescription for personal writing

By Susan Hendricks | March 1, 2020

Recently I have been rereading Columbia native Dr. Charles S. Bryan’s book “For Goodness Sake: The Seven Basic Virtues” published in 2006 as his “Valentine” to the members of Trinity Episcopal Church.  Bryan also gave a copy to my husband soon after it was published.  The book’s very brief chapters, language, and easy explanations belie…

Gratefulness makes us happy!

By Susan Hendricks | February 19, 2020

“It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy,” according to Benedictine monk, author, and lecturer Brother David Steindl-Rast, co-founder and inspiration for   “Gratefulness can change our world in immensely important ways. If you’re grateful, you’re not fearful. If you’re not fearful, you’re not violent.  Grateful people are…

Thank goodness the neighborhood is back!

By Susan Hendricks | December 13, 2019

Just when I thought the world must be falling apart, I’m amazed to discover a dear old friend is back – on national magazine covers, in newspaper articles from coast to coast and starring in movie theaters across the country.  I got to know my old friend in the early 1970’s through his totally unique…

Find your language by letting go

By Susan Hendricks | November 11, 2019

Keeping a journal resembles having a best friend who hears all of your thoughts and understands your emotions.  Rereading your journal entries – either silently or out loud, even many years later – can bring to light unacknowledged or unhealthy beliefs and emotions and allow healing and psychological growth. I have been writing in my…

Every child should be limitless

By Susan Hendricks | October 13, 2019

“We all have something unique or different about us,” according to Padgett Mozingo, experienced public relations professional, wife and passionate mother of two children, a 15-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter.   Padgett is sharing Lila’s story and that of her family as she navigates the process of creating a South Carolina nonprofit organization, Limitless Purpose,…

Gifts from the great outdoors

By Susan Hendricks | September 15, 2019

“We need the tonic of wildness … We never have enough of nature.”Henry David Thoreau, Walden When was the last time you stepped outside and headed to the woods for a walk into open spaces?  Either a leisurely stroll through familiar territory or to strike out into the unknown?  What encouragement would you need? Getting…

Take notice and be inspired

By Susan Hendricks | August 14, 2019

I like bookstores – wandering around, opening books and turning the pages. Glancing through and seeing new ideas is much more fun than simply ordering a book online. On a recent trip to Books-a-Million, I did not find the book I went to buy, but spotted a new, perfectly wonderful little book – the only…

The gift of poetry from a friend

By Susan Hendricks | July 13, 2019

Libby Bernardin and I met in 1983 when she joined me to work on the first public fund-raising campaign for the SC State Museum having just completed her stint as the staff writer for religion for The State newspaper. Libby’s expertise and knowledge as well as her participation in community activities and her creativity and…

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