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My Philosophy

Take notice and be inspired

I like bookstores – wandering around, opening books and turning the pages. Glancing through and seeing new ideas is much more fun than simply ordering a book online. On a recent trip to Books-a-Million, I did not find the book I went to buy, but spotted a new, perfectly wonderful little book – the only…

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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

“If the only prayer you ever say in your lifetime is ‘Thank you,’ that’s enough.” Meister Eckhart, 13th century German theologian, philosopher and mystic “Gratitude is heaven itself” William Blake, 18th Century English poet, painter, and printmaker Thanksgiving is the perfect time to celebrate gratitude. To continue or to begin a conscious practice of noticing…

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The Enneagram: It has your number!

If you are curious about what makes you tick, what your basic nature is or how you may find your best personal self, your options may seem to be plentiful.  But many are far less helpful than others.  In my quick online search for personality tests, Google produced over 23 million personality tests in just…

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How to Jumpstart Your Personal Writing

Writing for one’s self can be awfully important, but sometimes it isn’t easy. As soon as you tell yourself you’re going to write, grab your pen and paper and prepare to write, all of those incredible thoughts you had vanish. Even many well-known writers report suffering from writer’s block when faced with a blank page.  They may…

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Calming Our Inner Storms

As I sit at my computer writing this article, Hurricane Irma is barreling our way.  Fear and confusion keep interrupting my train of thought and need to concentrate. Less than three weeks ago with the Solar Eclipse directly overhead, I felt entirely different.  The spirit of that day was awe and amazement.  I was totally…

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My philosophy

I believe that anyone – if you choose – can grow and continue to learn throughout your lifetime. Current brain science supports this concept.  Adopt these three practices and observe how you can become more open and authentic: Practice Mindful Presence Develop and Use Your Capability for Deep Listening Thoughtfully and With Courage, Notice and Challenge Your Habitual Beliefs

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