By Susan Hendricks | November 17, 2013

Three nightmare types are biologically and psychologically very different! True Nightmares – Sometimes called “dream anxiety attacks,” are long, vivid, frightening dreams that awaken the sleeper and often can be clearly recalled.  They usually occur late during sleep, between 3:00 am and 7:00 am and at the end of a long REM-period. (REM refers to…

Uncovering "Life Themes"

By Susan Hendricks | November 10, 2013

Ask the “WHY?” question to discover your Life Themes from your dreams If you have been recording your dreams for a while, you may have discovered similarities in setting, characters’ actions, situations and/or emotional reactions.  Don’t let this valuable information slip past without slowing down enough to pay attention and pick up a hint or two.…

My philosophy

By Susan Hendricks | November 1, 2013

I believe that anyone – if you choose – can grow and continue to learn throughout your lifetime. Current brain science supports this concept.  Adopt these three practices and observe how you can become more open and authentic: Practice Mindful Presence Develop and Use Your Capability for Deep Listening Thoughtfully and With Courage, Notice and Challenge Your Habitual Beliefs