Consider the Cardinal

By Susan Hendricks | January 26, 2014

Consider the Cardinal …no longer at ease here, in the old dispensation… — T.S. Eliot, “Journey of the Magi”                                               Some say if you see him flying toward sun, good luck will come…

New Year Resolve …..

By Susan Hendricks | December 29, 2013

New Year Resolve The time has come To stop allowing the clutter To clutter my mind Like dirty snow, Shove it off and find Clear time, clear water. Time for a change, Let silence in like a cat who has sat at my door Neither wild nor strange Hoping for food from my store And…

Linda Pastan – A Dreamy Poem

By Susan Hendricks | November 24, 2013

  I love Linda Pastan, Poet Laureate of Maryland from 1991-1995. Many of her poems swim in dreams.  Here visual art inspires her poetry and reverie. I hope you will add your favorite poems, especially those that are dream-inspired. Le Sens de la Nuit Magritte, oil of canvas, 1927 Here are some clues to The…


By Susan Hendricks | November 17, 2013

Three nightmare types are biologically and psychologically very different! True Nightmares – Sometimes called “dream anxiety attacks,” are long, vivid, frightening dreams that awaken the sleeper and often can be clearly recalled.  They usually occur late during sleep, between 3:00 am and 7:00 am and at the end of a long REM-period. (REM refers to…

Uncovering "Life Themes"

By Susan Hendricks | November 10, 2013

Ask the “WHY?” question to discover your Life Themes from your dreams If you have been recording your dreams for a while, you may have discovered similarities in setting, characters’ actions, situations and/or emotional reactions.  Don’t let this valuable information slip past without slowing down enough to pay attention and pick up a hint or two.…

My philosophy

By Susan Hendricks | November 1, 2013

I believe that anyone – if you choose – can grow and continue to learn throughout your lifetime. Current brain science supports this concept.  Adopt these three practices and observe how you can become more open and authentic: Practice Mindful Presence Develop and Use Your Capability for Deep Listening Thoughtfully and With Courage, Notice and Challenge Your Habitual Beliefs