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My Story

My journal therapy groups, individual sessions and dream groups meet at 1703 Richland Street in downtown Columbia, South Carolina -  Wholistic Therapy and Coaching Center of the Midlands. Qualified mental health counselors can earn CEU's from participation in my groups and trainings which have been approved by the South Carolina Board of Social Work Examiners.

I also lead weekend and single-day workshops elsewhere and through statewide and national organizations and have been an instructor for The Center for Journal Therapy's online educational division, The Writing Institute since 2015.

The Columbia Star Newspaper in Columbia, SC, publishes writing techniques and prompts, dreams, poetry and more in a column I write once a month.

For almost eight years, from 2005 until 2013, I led weekly group therapy sessions in South Carolina's Camille Griffin Graham Maximum Security Prison for Women.  The women shared personal dreams to unravel their anxiety and fears using multiple therapeutic techniques aided by the power of the group's nurturing structure.

A research article describing my groups by Dana DeHart, PhD, entitled Cognitive Restructuring Through Dreams and Imagery: Descriptive Analysis of a Women’s Prison-Based Program, can be read in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation (January 2010).

“Dreams can be an invaluable aid in effective therapy. They represent an incisive restating of the patient’s deeper problems.”
Irvin D. Yalom, MD

I have a passion for learning that extends beyond any classroom to learning from family, friends and nature, through travel, from reading and photography and from life all around.  “On-the-job training” has been one of my best teachers throughout the years of guiding diverse projects to completion.

  • University of South Carolina, MSW
  • Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, MA
  • University of South Carolina, BA
  • Center for Journal Therapy, CJT (Certified Journal Therapist)
  • Haden Institute Certification for Dream Group Leadership
  • C.G. Jung Institute, Summer Intensive in Switzerland
  • Plus numerous workshops as well as many continuing education hours in social work and psychology

Prior to 2000, I was responsible for organizing and successfully managing a variety of projects -

  • As Executive Director of the State Museum Campaign and Friends of the State Museum, helping jump-start the SC State Museum’s first fundraising campaign
  • As Executive Director of Safety Belts for South Carolina, raising awareness for and successfully lobbying passage of South Carolina’s first safety-belt-use law
  • Primary Lobbyist for 14 years for a number of statewide professional and business associations before the SC Legislature
  • Creator of The SC Media Guide and The SC Legislative Handbook (now under new ownership)
  • High School Social Studies Teacher
  • Youth Counselor for the SC Employment Commission
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