“Susan gave me techniques to use to ‘revisit’ issues that I have been avoiding for years – to get it all out on paper, then consider it safely and critically without fear of pain or judgement."

“Susan’s sense of timing is impeccable. I feel that I am in incredibly capable hands when I am in her presence. She is masterful.”

“I learned that whether sophisticated or simple, writing our feelings, memories and experiences in our journals is rewarding and cathartic for me. It felt totally safe to share and respond.”

“Awesomeness personified! Susan guides in the most creative and gentle way. She piques not only the intellectual but also the emotional response.”

“You are terrific! So insightful and easy to share with during our time together. You make me feel safe and validated for the work I do through the journaling.”

“Susan is the absolute best. She has pushed me farther on my journey than any other. I know more now of what has held me back.”

“You provide a safe container and some structure without feeling managed or judged. You are a good listener and creative in your ways of framing/reframing.”


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